Hachikyu- 8th Kyu

Dakentaijutsu- Striking Techniques (cont.)

Hoken Juroppo Ken- The Sixteen Hidden/Secret Fists
· Kikaku Ken- Demon Horn Fist
· Shuki Ken- Hand Wake Up Fist
· Fudo Ken- Immovable Fist
· Kiten Ken- Turn Causing Fist (Shuto)
· Shi Shin Ken- Finger Needle Fist
· Shikan Ken- Extended Knuckle Fist
· Shako Ken- Claw Fist
· Shito Ken- Finger Sword Fist (Boshi Ken)
· Shitan Ken- Finger Tip Fist
· Koppo Ken- Bone Principle Fist
· Happa Ken- Eight Leaf Fist
· Sokuyaku Ken- Dancing Foot Fist
· Sokugyaku Ken- Foot Reverse Fist
· Sokki Ken- Leg Wake Up Fist
· Tai Ken- Body Fist
· Shizen Ken- Natural Fist

Principles of Striking
· Striking from all Kamae
· Striking in all directions, at different levels, from different ranges
· Ken Tai Ichi Jo- the body and fist move as one

Keri- Kicks
· Sokuho Geri- Sideways Kick
· Koho Geri- Backwards Kick
· Sakui Geri- Scooping Kick
· Happo Geri- Kicking in the Eight Directions

Uke Nagashi- Receiving Flow
· Jodan Nagashi- Upper Level Flow
· Gedan Nagashi- Lower Level Flow
· Ken Kudaki- Crushing the Fist
· Keri Kudaki- Crushing the Kick

Master Uke Nagashi- use inside and outisde angles, alternate using
hands and feet

Kihon Happo- The Eight Basic Ways

Koshi Kihon Sanpo- Three Basic Ways of Striking
· Ichimonji No Kata- Figure Number One Form

Torite Goho Gata- The Five Forms of Grappling
· Omote Gyaku- Outside Reversal
· Ura Gyaku- Inside Reversal
· Omote Gyaku Ken Sabaki Gata- Outside Reversal Fist Evasion Form

San Shin/Gokui No Kata- The Three Hearts Forms
· Chi No Kata- Earth Form
· Sui No Kata- Water Form
· Ka No Kata- Fire Form
· Fu No Kata- Wind Form
· Ku No Kata- Void Form

Master San Shin No Kata- practice until these become second nature
to you, in future you will vary these forms and add weapon

Weapon: Hanbo

Kamae for Hanbo
· Munen Muso No Kamae- No Thought No Intention Posture
· Kata Yaburi No Kamae- Form Breaking Posture
· Ontonashi No Kamae- Soundless Posture
· Master Hanbo Kamae- Strike from all directions in all Kamae,
grappling from grabs and strikes

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